The 7th Guest

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Every year in October we try to pick a game that fits with the spooky nature of the Halloween season. This year that game was The 7th Guest, developed by Trilobyte and released by Virgin in 1993 on not one, but two (!) CD-ROMs.

Both our hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") aren't too familiar with this title, so we're excited that two very knowledgeable experts were willing to join the show and tell us all about what makes The 7th Guest a cool and special game. First of all it's Esko ("FireFyte"), who was previously on the Monkey Island and Tyrian episodes. Also joining is Adam ("Pseudo_C"), who was previously heard in voice messages, but now is the first time he's on the show as a guest. Both Esko and Adam are big 7th Guest fans and have been playing it since childhood, so they're the perfect people to share what makes this game great.


[ download mp3 ] (134 mins, 108 MB)


* Forum thread with contemporary reviews, including some magazine scans by Pix.

* Promotional "making of" documentary about The 7th Guest (VHS)

* 7/11 soundtrack of both The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, by George "the fat man" Sanger

* The 13th Doll, fan-made sequel with an official license from the original creators of The 7th Guest

28 Dec 2019

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Evil Taco says:

Great episode! I have almost zero interest towards this game personally, and it was still informative and entertaining to listen to the podcast!

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