We hope everyone is staying safe with all this craziness going on. When in doubt: stay inside and play DOS games, folks!

Back in January we played Worms with the club and boy did we have a lot of fun with that one. We even organised a little club tournament to see who has the best chops.

Now during the tournament, two players eventually rose to the top: our co-host Florian ("rnlf") and DGC member Tim ("spacefarer"). So we thought maybe it would be fun to have the final battle to determine the winner live during the podcast! Of course it became a big mess, but don't worry, because the first part of the show is our normal format in which we discuss the game in more detail. Besides Florian and Tim, also returning to the show are Martijn ("Tijn"), Jozef ("jozy") and Elias ("pumpuli").

In case you are interested in such things, here's the video of the match:

Have fun!

[ download mp3 ] (130 mins, 104 MB)

24 Apr 2020

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